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3. TNXL – 12. May 2018 18:00 CET

Last updated on 31/07/2019

We would like to introduce the TNXL in its third iteration. We are a former German only community event that this time invites the English speaking community as well. No matter where are you from, as long as you can (or kind of) speak English you are free to join.

What we are doing with this event is explained below, but in short we are holding up a community event from the players and for the players. We will update this thread and our website as often as we can. The English version at the webpage is not yet available. In WG terms, we are aware of the issue. Of course you can also join without a clan. 😉

Feel free to ask us questions in this article through commentaries, the linked thread down below or ingame.

The TNXL takes place on Saturday 12.05.2018 starting at: 18:00 CET. The TNXL is an event based on the “Team Battle Mode” and “Skirmishes” in World of Tanks (WoT).

So how will it all work out?

We will play the “Team Battles” and the “Strongholds” game mode. You will find information regarding that here. We will provide rooms for the Skirmishes and Team Battles, so you can have maximum fun with all other players. You will learn to know each other, either in Team Battles or in Skirmishes. There you will have the opportunities to act with clans or on your own.

So what´s different this time?

At first please take note of the summary in the green text above. Based on your feedback regarding the two prior events we will organize the TeamSpeak servers a little bit different this time. We hope to archive a better overview through that step. Also featured streamers will receive dedicated channels on TeamSpeak – the clan channels are history for now.

The “Team Battles” will take place primarily on EU1 and the Strongholds on EU2. Clans have to register via the forum and the website (The feature will be made available there soon).

There will be no time restriction!

How will you find us?

On the day of the event we will open one or more TeamSpeak server(s) for all players, these server(s) will host roundabout 3,500 slots.

TeamSpeak server: tnxl (at server, enter nickname and adress)
Homepage: http://www.tnxl.org/

Contest for you!

You soon will get to know how to take part in the contest.

Why should you join?

Of course the fun in tanking with other players is our main focus, but with this event you may escape out of your daily WoT routine, meet new players or enjoy the game with players you know or maybe don´t know and enjoy it all together.

Notes for the players

If you are in a clan, we recommend that you will put your clantag in square brackets [example] JohnDoe_1234 before your in game name. That will make it way easier to find you. As a player you don’t have to register anywhere, as clan a prior declaration in this thread would be very kind of you.


Confirmed Streamers/Youtubers:

  • Moerp
  • Bighoax

German Thread: click