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Overmatch bleibt bestehen

Last updated on 31/07/2019

Hallo liebe Liebenden.

Unser aller geliebtes und ebenso verhasstes Overmatch sollte geändert werden. Auf Grund von Spielerfeedback (hört hört, haben sie wohl einen CCT gefragt :D) bleibt nun das alte Overmatch bestehen. Die Begründung und Quelle stehen weiter unten.

Based on your input from the 1st Common Test, we decided to cancel this feature.

Initially, we planned to revise the ricochet and overmatch mechanics for all vehicles. However, tests showed that it will cause increased ricochets on thinly armored tanks (the IS-3, IS-4, etc.) that used to be generally bad at angling. This disrupted gameplay overall (a lot more ricochets where chances of them used to be zero), which you reported to us during the Common Test. We analyzed your feedback and decided to stick to the old, time-proven mechanic for all vehicles including the tier VIII–X Swedish tank destroyers.

Quelle: WG-Forum / Ph3lan