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TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.1.3 released

Es gibt wieder einen neuen Teamspeak Client. Angekommen sind wir bei Version 3.1.3. Es wird das umgehende Update empfohlen.

It will fix several bugs discovered in the 3.1.2 release.

The Client Query plugin is now published through the myTeamSpeak platform and will be installed from there automatically upon update.
The ClientQuery will now require authentication before any other commands will be accepted. The API Key will be generated automatically on first run and can be found in the plugin settings. You can also generate a new key there.

This release also fixes issue with hotkeys not working correctly and a few rare crashes that were discovered by submitted crashdumps to the crash report system.

Full changelog below:

=== Client Release 3.1.3 23 Mar 2017
* ClientQuery plugin is now managed by the online addon system
- Fix several hotkeys not binding properly
- Fixed rare crash in Windows Audio backend
- Fixed rare crash on exit

Quelle: Teamspeak Forum