TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.3.0 released

Es gibt wieder einen neuen Teamspeak Client. Angekommen sind wir bei Version 3.2.5. Es wird das umgehende Update empfohlen.


  • TeamSpeak now supports Multi-Track recordings right within the client to give you the ability to record each client independently. This has some definite advantages for professional content creators (like podcasters). It allows powerful editing, specific loudness adjustments and targeted processing.
  • You’re now able to select and move multiple users at the same time. Hell just froze over and pigs learned to fly. In addition, you can use DEL and Shift+DEL to kick the selected users from the channel/server. CTRL+A selects all visible users on the server.
  • In previous versions of our client and/or server, it was possible to inject fake badge data. We’ve eliminated this problem with a new feature called Signed-Badges. If a user configures a badge in his/her myTeamSpeak account settings, the server will now validate this info and only show the badge icon if the user really possesses it.


=== Client Release 3.3.0 - 18 Jun 2019
! Updated Qt framework to 5.12 LTS releases.
! Updated Opus codec to version 1.3 to introduce lots of quality improvements,
  new features, and bug fixes.
! This version of the TeamSpeak Client requires macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later.
! The HTML style tag is no longer supported in infoframe templates. All addon
  authors should use the <stylename>_chat.qss file for CSS style definitions
! Updated Plugin API version to 23.
* Increased size limit for text messages to 8 KiB.
* Updated easy-permission templates to use Opus instead of Speex/CELT codecs.
* Spacer tags in channel names will now be omitted in infoframe templates.
* Improved pagination support for banlist and clientdblist for plugin API.
+ Added additional variables to infoframe templates.
+ Implemented multi-select for clients in the servertree.
+ Implemented multi-track recording feature, to allow recording each client's 
  audio stream independently.
+ Added support for signed badges to prevent usage of fake data. Note, that
  this feature requires TeamSpeak Server version 3.8.0 or later.
+ Added support for URL tagging in incoming text messages.
+ Added support for myTeamSpeak ID bans in virtual server banlist.
+ Added support for Windows tiles. Thanks to our user RandomHost for providing
  the material.
+ Added support for updated license types (Gamer, Commercial, Sponsorship).
+ Added invoker data for onPluginCommandEvent(). Note, that server-side support
  for this API change will be introduced with TeamSpeak Server version 3.9.0.
- Fixed a freeze in easy-permission settings when switching between different
- Fixed a bug where default profiles could be deleted in settings.
- Fixed crashes reported by crashdumps.

Quelle: Teamspeak Forum

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