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Teamspeak 5 Beta Update 5.0.0-beta35

Es gibt einen neuen Teamspeak 5 Beta Client. Angekommen sind wir bei der beta35.

One week has past since beta 34 was released and it’s time to send beta 35 into our closed beta channel.

* Fix pinned message offset in slim mode
* Fix pinned message visibility not updating correctly when switching rooms
* Chat maintains position when loading dynamic content currently in view
* Fix chat not scrolling down when resizing the window
* Fix channel description, topic and server welcome message not showing up
* Add Windows 10 start menu tile support
* Fix issues with the application icon using the wrong resolution
* Fix sort order of clients not getting updated after nickname change
* Various minor improvements and bug fixes

Known issues

* Old pinned messages might not be shown for new accounts

Quelle: Teamspeak Community