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Teamspeak 5 Beta Update 5.0.0-beta45x and beta44

Es gibt einen neuen Teamspeak 5 Beta Client. Angekommen sind wir bei der beta45.1

Beta 45.1 is available in our closed beta channel.

As we did tease in last announcement: Whisperlists are back!

  • Use synced lists ! Create new ! Setup targets ! Use hotkeys ! as you are used to from TS3.
  • New is a whisper manager that can be opened with a right click on Target (channel or user) or while you are connected and have the whisper settings opened.
  • This whisper manager opens as an activity. It has feature to show a preview where you would whisper to with current selected whisperlist. You will see an orange frame around the targets.
  • We hope the new setup for whisper is less confusing as it was in TS3.

We also touched the pinned message dialog and removed the number when minimized and removed the old pinned message dialog.

An avatar that was set in the account page now updates for contacts and chats without the need to restart the client.


Beta 45
* Add whisper list support with live preview
* Fix whisper indicator going blue for a few frames
* Pinned message improvements
* Fix avatars of other users not updating
* Fix show moderation events, which broke with beta44
* Various bug fixes and improvements

Beta 45.1
* Fix whisper list edit not updating when switching modes
* Fix being unable to delete whisper lists in some cases

Beta 44

We pushed a new beta version into the closed beta channel.

This client adds a new overlay for pinned messages and will replace the old one in one of the next versions.
And we improved the UI with all the different scaling modes and touched the Detailed Server Tree to save a bit more space.

We know you are waiting for it but Whisperlists did not make into this version but we are working on it to bring it in one of the next updates.

* New pinned message view
* Adjust UI scaling modes
* Adjust detailed tree sizing
* Fix missing kick information when kicked for idle time
* Fix still sharing servers after restarting the client
* Various bug fixes and improvements

Quelle: beta44, beta45