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Teamspeak 5 Beta Update 5.0.0-beta54.x

Es gibt einen neuen Teamspeak 5 Beta Client.

Beta 54

Hello everyone!

Beta version 54 is now available to test! This week we fixed some bugs that were reported by the TS community and added a few new things for everyone to try out.

Hopefully the changelog and extra notes should explain the update well enough.

Full changelog


Beta 54.1

  • Fixed possible crash when remote apps setting is active

Beta 54

  • Fixed server links not behaving correctly with some input
  • Fixed connecting indefinitely when using a privilege key on connect
  • Fixed bans not being created / no error being shown when user left server
  • Fixed whisper notifications appearing on every server rather than the server on which they happened


  • Added sound when receiving a whisper
  • Added context menu to user name on join, leave, kick and ban messages
  • Added notification center to the bell icon
  • Added ability for third party applications to be notified of TeamSpeak events
  • Changed default view to chat when selecting a channel

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