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Teamspeak 5 Beta Update 5.0.0-beta56 and beta55

Es gibt einen neuen Teamspeak 5 Beta Client.

Beta 56 Changelog:

  • Fixed crash when connecting to a server while having your account linked to Twitch
  • Fixed restart to update button not working correctly on Mac
  • Fixed missing notification when your groups change on a server
  • Tweak notification center

Beta 55 Changelog:

  • Added ability for remote applications to send hotkeys
  • Notification center tweaks
  • Fixed pinned message size when pinning message containing multi line code blocks
  • Fixed potentially banning too many users when banning an offline client
  • Fixed showing temporary bans as permanent when connecting
  • Fixed adding contact through search bar failing
  • Fixed some more crashes when remote apps is enabled
  • Fixed not being able to login to chat in some scenarios
  • Changed Windows start menu tiles

Quelle: Beta56, Beta55