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Teamspeak 5 Beta Update 5.0.0-beta59

Es gibt einen neuen Teamspeak 5 Beta Client.

Beta 59 Changelog:

  • Fixed remote applications port not being saved
  • Fixed ban client context menu not being shown when missing b_client_ban_create
  • Fixed some icons being animated even when the client does not have the focus
  • Fixed remote applications still being visible after removal
  • Fixed disabling remote applications not doing anything
  • Fixed event viewer pop-out not adjusting when resizing the server tree
  • Fixed incoming pokes not being visible when hiding moderation events
  • Hide channel create options when you cannot create a channel
  • Improved behavior of links in pinned messages
  • Improved remote applications event properties to be human readable
  • Improved tooltips of sliders in audio settings
  • Remote applications port is now set to default when input is cleared
  • Updated chromium

Quelle: Beta59