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Teamspeak 5 Beta Update 5.0.0-beta62/61.x

Es gibt mehrere neue Teamspeak 5 Beta Clients.

Beta 62 Changelog:

  • Fixed context menus sometimes closing when they should not
  • Fixed having to reconfigure audio settings after Windows / driver updates
  • Fixed remote applications spamming the log if the port is already in use
  • Fixed potential crash in remote applications
  • Fixed Ignore Users not working
  • Fixed first message not showing up in server based chat
  • Fixed not being able to edit the server password
  • Adjusted spacing around spacer channels
  • Improved performance of contact / room categories
  • Added option to mute microphone when Windows session is locked
  • Client no longer plays chat sounds when the status is set to Do not Disturb

Beta 61.1 Changelog:

  • Fixed not being able to edit some channel properties

Beta 61 Changelog:

  • Added ability to upload, view, delete and assign icons
  • Fixed context menu not opening in some situations
  • Fixed renaming yourself to an already used nickname not giving an error
  • Fixed some icons not being displayed in the UI
  • Fixed channel icons not being displayed in the info view
  • Fixed a potential issue setting some permissions
  • Fixed context menu remaining open after deleting a channel

Quellen: Beta62, Beta61.x