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Teamspeak Server Update 3.12.0

Last updated on 01/04/2020

Am 07.04.2020 gibt es ein Update für unseren Teamspeak-Server. Angekommen sind wir bei Version 3.12.0. Unser Hoster nexteamspeak kümmert sich um das Update.


Wir führen am Dienstag, den 07.04.2020 zwischen 07:00 – 10:00 Uhr das Update auf die aktuelle TeamSpeak Server Version 3.12.0 durch. Die TeamSpeak 3 Server werden für ca 10-30 Minuten nicht erreichbar sein.

Today we released version 3.12.0 of our TeamSpeak server.

  • With this release we introduce a new way to interact with the Query using http(s) and json.
    In this server version the WebQuery must be enabled manually or else only ServerQuery is enabled.
    A small tutorial for this can be found at the end of this post.
  • A whisper bug when user did reconnect and no longer could whisper got fixed.
  • On Windows older CPUs without POPCNT support can use the 32bit version again.
    Linux, FreeBSD and MacOS are not affected to this issue and change.
  • Snapshots version was raised to ver 3. This was needed for the WebQuery feature .

## Server Release 3.12.0 18 March 2020

### Important
– New feature WebQuery that allows user to access to query system using http(s) and json.

### Added
– New query commands `apikeyadd`, `apikeydel` and `apikeylist`
for managing API keys used in WebQuery
– New permissions `b_virtualserver_apikey_add` and `b_virtualserver_apikey_manage` that restrict who can create/delete/list API keys.
– New possible value for parameter `query_protocols` named `http` and `https` that enables WebQuery
– New parameters `query_http_ip` and `query_http_port` that define where WebQuery can be reached, default is all interfaces on port `10080`
– New parameters `query_https_ip` and `query_https_port` that define where WebQuery can be reached, default is all interfaces on port `10443`

### Changed
– macOS 10.14 Mojave is required from now on
– Raised version of snapshots and added support for API keys

### Fixed
– Whisper bug that resulted in users not being able to receive whispers
– Removed requirement of having a cpu with POPCNT for 32bit version, and added an appropriate error message for the 64bit version
– Deploying snapshots will import client and channel permissions, again

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