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Update 1.3: Öffentlicher Test 2

Das Changelog für den öffentlichen Test#2 für 1.3 liegt nun vor:

Main Changes

Improvements and Fixed Issues

  • Added multiple objects on maps.
  • Added a number of changes to the Exterior interface.

Changes to technical characteristics of vehicles

  • U.K. Tech Tree: added a transition from the Matilda to the Crusader.

Additional changes on maps

Fisherman’s Bay:

  • Fixed the issue of the missing house in the central area of the map; house is placed where it belongs.
  • The bush next to the house has been made a little larger: thus the bush is similar to the one at the opposite side.

Mannerheim Line:

  • Removed the new bushes at squares D8 and B9.
  • Removed a bush at square В5.

Quelle: WG-NA