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Windows 11 Support in AIDA64 v6.50

Windows 11 Support in AIDA64 v6.50

Microsoft released a major update to the Windows family which as always brings a lot of questions regarding its impact on the computer performance. After the initial release of Windows 11 we received a lot of inquiries about the AMD Ryzen processor L3 latency slowdown. We confirmed this problem too. Meanwhile, Microsoft released the KB5006746 (OS Build 22000.282) update, and AMD also published an updated version ( of their chipset driver. According to our AIDA64 Cache and Memory benchmark tests, these updates have resolved the issue.

Make your own measurements

Whether you are using the latest operating system available or not, consider checking the performance of your system to make sure your PC provides an optimal performance. It is also a good idea to benchmark your computer before upgrading to Windows 11. So after the upgrade process you can compare your own results and see if there is a performance drop due to a potential issue with the new operating system or its updated drivers.

Learn more about the new features of AIDA64 v6.50: www.aida64.com/whatsnew

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