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[World of Tanks] Micropatch

Last updated on 31/07/2019

Am 02.11.2017 gibt es für die EU-Server einen Micropatch. Die Server sind deshalb zeitweise nicht erreichbar.


05:00 – 05:45 MEZ


  • There will be an opportunity to study the tank VIII M41 Walker Bulldog from the tank VII T71 DA.
  • In the “Eternal Battle” mode, friendly fire will be disabled.
  • Some problems associated with the performance of personal combat missions are fixed
  • The problem with the incorrect operation of the sight in the event “Invasion of Leviathan”
  • The problem with the incorrect writing-off of shells during the shot, if the type of projectile was changed during the countdown before the start of the battle.

Quelle: WG EU Support, WG RU Portal

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