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World of Tanks – Micropatch 1.10.1_9 am 12.11.2020

Die World of Tanks Server werden am 12.11.2020 gepatched und sind für ungefähr 45 min nicht verfügbar.


  • Game-Server ab 05:00 Uhr MEZ
  • Clan-Portal ab 05:00 Uhr MEZ


  • Halloween event compensation; all XP from event tanks will be transferred to MS-1 & credits compensation for consumables
  • Added award emblem  “The choice is made!”  for those who voted during the selection for BB-2021 WOT. (a russian thing afaik)
  • Changed the performance characteristics of the tested GSOR 1008 tank (Great Britain, PT-8, prem, drum for 4 shells).
  • Added technical characteristics of the Progetto C45 mod. 71
  • Added description for M24E2 Super Chaffee (USA, LT-6, promotional, gift).
  • Fixed some technical issues.