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World of Tanks – Micropatch 1.11.1_2 am 03.02.2021*updated*

Last updated on 03/02/2021

Die World of Tanks Server werden am 03.02.2021 gepatched und sind für ungefähr 45 min nicht verfügbar.


  • Game-Server ab 05:00 Uhr MEZ
  • Clan-Portal ab 05:00 Uhr MEZ


  • Fixed a bug related to the fact that the 12 cm aka L / 40 guns for Kranvagn and 120 mm Gun M58 for the T110E5 were automatically researched due to the accrual of rental vehicles for the “Battle of Bloggers”. The weapons will remain available to players who have already researched Tier IX vehicles – Emil II and M103, respectively. Those players who have not yet researched these vehicles will need to research their weapons on a general basis.
  • Fixed a bug related to the client freezing in some cases when previewing a style in the “Battle of Bloggers” mode.
  • Fixed a bug related to the inaccessibility of repair of some modules when clicking the mouse in the “Battle of bloggers” mode.
  • Fixed some techical issues
  • New mods folder


Bei Problemen nach Patches probiert es im Safe-Mode und/oder aktualisiert eure Mods.