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World of Tanks – Micropatch 1.6._2 am 14.08.2019

Die World of Tanks Server werden am 14.08.2019 für ungefähr 45 Minuten nicht zur Verfügung stehen.


  • Beide Server ab 06:00 Uhr MESZ


  • Fixed the display of the Czech flag in a vertical position.
  • Fixed the issue when the completion of the main condition wasn’t counted for the following Personal Missions: Union-12. Are Your Ears Ringing?, Alliance-6. Vertigo, and Alliance-14. Knock-Knock.
  • Fixed the issue of displaying the text on the congratulation window strip when receiving crew skins.
  • Fixed the issue of incorrect behavior of the reticle in the Sniper mode for particular vehicles.
  • Fixed the issue of displaying similar Dog Tag components when applying the In Depot filter after scrolling through the list.
  • Fixed some technical issues.

Quelle: WG-EU & WG EU Delroh