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World of Tanks – Micropatch 1.7.1_2 am 05.02.2020

Die World of Tanks Server werden am 05.02.2020 gepatched.


  • irgendwann morgens


  • Fixed a rare issue, when double-barreled vehicles could not fire single shots after firing a salvo.
  • Fixed an issue, when players could not sell a vehicle while dismissing the crew if the number of free bunks in the Barracks was less than the number of crew members in the vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue, when invitations to Platoon were not received if the invited player was in battle.
  • Fixed an issue, when the central beam of the Artillery Aim was shifted to the side if the 3D Render Resolution was set to a value lower than 100%.
  • Fixed some technical issues.

Quelle: WG EU Support, WG Asia