Teamspeak 3 Server Update 3.7.0

Es gab am 24.03.2019 ein Update für unseren TS3-Server. Angekommen sind wir bei der Version 3.7.0. Unser Hoster nexteamspeak hat sich um das Update gekümmert.


Wir führen am Mittwoch, dem 26.12.2018 zwischen 09:00 – 10:00 Uhr das Hotfix Update auf die aktuelle Teamspeak Server Version 3.5.1 durch. Die Server werden während diesem Zeitraum für etwa 5 Minuten nicht erreichbar sein.

Quelle: nex teamspeak


We improved the speed when ServerQuery requests the clients from database with command clientdblist

The permissions for ancient audio codecs Speex and CELT got removed.
The codecs can not be set on channel anymore. Channels where the codec was set before still can be used.

In future release we will drop these codecs completely.
Admins can now see in the server log who deleted the avatar from a user when client logging was active.

The connected ServerQuery will not show the IP in the nickname any longer. Admins can see the IP in the server log or via clientinfo command (see changelog).

Linux users should read this:
This is the last server version allowing glibc 2.12 to be used. The next server requires that at least glibc 2.17 is available on your system.

Quelle: Teamspeak und vollständiges Changelog

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