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Teamspeak 5 Beta Update 5.0.0-beta52.x

Es gibt einen neuen Teamspeak 5 Beta Client.

Beta 52.x

Hello :upside_down_face: a new beta update was released.
And this is what we’ve added and changed since the last client, along with some bug fixes.

  • We decided to change the invite protocol to teamspeak://
    The invite via tsserver:// won’t work any longer work in TS5!
  • We added cid (for channel id as target) as optional invite parameter. We missed that in beta 51.

Here is an example where channel was replaced with cid as target.


  • Settings for file transfer bandwidth and parallel transfers got added to the Settings menu. There you also find the

Full changelog

* beta 52.1
* Fixed potential UI freeze on fresh installation when a member of big chats
* Fixed not attempting to connect to secondary addresses if the first one fails
* beta 52
* Renamed protocol from tsserver:// to teamspeak://
* Tweaked file transfer UI
* Added search to file transfer, allowing to search for files within the currently displayed folder
* Added sound notifications for whisper
* Fixed an issue with teamspeak links on Mac
* Fixed Open File not doing anything if the operating system does not know how to handle the file type
* Added settings for filetransfer speed and concurrent up/downloads
* Fixed markdown links not working correctly in some scenarios
* Fixed issues connecting to a server with a privilege key
* Fixed invite urls containing the port when not needed
* Fixed not seeing server and channel groups in some rare cases


* Bandwidth setting applies really high numbers when values like 2,5 Gbps got set before. This fix did not made it into beta 52.
* Bandwidth default is 0 and means unlimited. We are still working on it and will add a setting to disable limitation for a better understanding.
* teamspeak:// invite in chats are not converted but ts3server:// invites are.

Quelle: beta 52.x