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World of Tanks – Micropatch 1.10_4 am 20.08.2020

Die World of Tanks Server werden am 20.08.2020 gepatched und sind für ungefähr 45 Minuten nicht verfügbar. (Ja ich bin spät dran.)


  • Game-Server ab 06:00 Uhr MEZ
  • Clan-Portal ab 06:00 Uhr MEZ


  • Fixed an issue where the results on A46 were not counted towards the Battle Pass progress. The “secret” status was also removed
  • The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: American T42
  • Strv K: removed status “secret”
  • Concept 1B: removed “secret / test” status
  • Additionally, the characteristics of the following vehicles were changed: Waffenträger auf E 100 (P) Mod and Jagdtiger Prototype.
  • Fixed some technical issues.