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TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.1.8 released

Es gibt wieder einen neuen Teamspeak Client. Angekommen sind wir bei Version 3.1.8. Es wird das umgehende Update empfohlen.

Highlights und Changelog:

  • Fixed disconnect on invalid connection info data.
  • Fixed macOS application bundle which caused the client to not start on
    case-sensitive file systems.
  • Hardened Linux startscript to better find installed SSL certificates. If no
    SSL certificates are found, don’t crash the client on start but show
    meaningful error message (but we still cannot run without SSL certificates).
  • Fixed critical messagebox very early in the startup process, which tried to
    load an icon before the zip archive was initialized.
  • Fixed to badges parser which failed to limit shown badges to three with
    invalid input.
  • Fixed creating bookmark folders in bookmarks manager.

Quelle: Teamspeak-Forum